Notifications for new events at GitLab

Since GitLab has an inbuilt Telegram integration, we can leverage this feature to send notifications to our a dedicated Telegram development updates channel. Posts are send for all kinds of relevent, but non-confidential events like commits, comments or new merge requests. Failed pipelines would also be reported here.

Backing up current repositories

Current repositories may be backed up using ghorg. In order to use ghorg, one needs a GitLab access token and the application itself. To generate a fitting token, follow these instructions.

ghorg clone --scm gitlab --token "glpat-1234567890" garuda-linux # regular system
nix run nixpkgs#ghorg -- clone --scm gitlab --token "glpat-1234567890" garuda-linux # oneliner on Nix


We have an archive repository for all files, which are no longer needed for our current operations. It contains old PKGBUILDs and settings packages, eg. the state of the ones before we moved to a unified PKGBUILD repository.